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Thanks for wanting to be part of my global vision to bring amazing women together - I call it Kim's Crew!

For years my online communities have been a safe place where women have connected and shared their health and fitness journeys. I have seen women from everywhere come together to support and encourage each other and there is always something special created when this happens!

All of these ladies have something in common, they want to live a fit and healthy life and also enjoy sharing their journey with other like-minded women.

Kim's Crew is all about taking this online success 'offline', making it real, and giving everyone a chance to get together and meet in person every couple of weeks or so (or when it suits you) for a walk, lunch or just to hang out and chat.

Kim's Crew groups operate all over the world. They are run by my amazing KB Ambassadors who are responsible for co-ordinating and organsing the meet up's and events which is all done simply through a private Facebook group (did I mention that Kim's Crew is 100% free to join - it's all about bringing women together in the spirit of better health and fitness).

To become a member of Kim's Crew please fill in the form below and you will be automatically emailed back with information and a link to join your local 'Crew' where you can find out all about the events and meet ups in your local area (please don't worry I will never share your private information with anyone or any other company, it is 100% secure and will only be used to communicate with you about Kim's Crew activities).

IMPORTANT: If you don't receive an email back from my team and I within 15 mins please check your spam and junk filter as often our response emails can get stuck in these (if you need any help with this just contact us on

I hope you are as excited as I am about 'Kims Crews' and the opportunity to get together & connect with like-minded women in your area, please fill in the form below, hit submit and you will hear from my team and I very soon!

Kim x

PS: If you have any questions about Kim's Crew or are interested in becoming an ambassador or how everything works, please email my team and I on anytime!! 
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